Massage Amani offers a comprehensive Health Coaching service that will vastly improve the health of your workforce. Our collective coaching philosophy is to meet participants where they are at, build their trust, coach them through stages of change and sustain small changes to positively impact their health. Motivational interviewing is a core component of our coaching model. The majority of coaching sessions are face to face, establishing a trusting relationship between the health coach and employee. Online video conferencing is also available for remote and/or out of state locations. This proven health coaching model includes a 3 step process:



The employee will have an initial session with our Wellness Coach to:

  • Complete a Personal Health Assessment ( PHA)
  • Complete a biometric screening that includes weight, height, blood pressure and more




The Wellness Coach works with the employee to develop their healthy lifestyle plan ( part of initial session). Plan includes:

    • Review of PHA report including biometrics and identified health risks
    • Establish the employee’s long term goals
    • Based on long term goals set small, specific realistic action steps
    • Discussions around strategies to achieve goals in nutrition changes, increase physical activity, tobacco cessation, stress management techniques etc.
    • Provide employee with educational information specific to their goals ie. websites, printed materials etc.
    • Makes sure they are aware of programming within their company’s wellness program and community resources.
    • Scheduling a follow-up session based on their health goals and readiness for change

Typically sessions are held at least every 3 months, sometimes more often, sometimes less if risks are low and employee is relatively healthy



The Health Coach will provide ongoing support and coaching through a continuous partnership with each employee through face to face sessions, emails and other modes of support. Through this process the Health Coach:

  • Ensures the employee is seeing their Primary Care Provider for care
  • Ensures the age/gender appropriate preventive screenings are being used by employees
  • Refers the employee to community resources for additional support
  • Updates the PHA risks as indicated to demonstrate improvement


Anonymized reports are available upon completion of the initial PHAs and periodically to show the effectiveness of the coaching program.

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